Essentials for Successful Healthcare BI

The experienced BI consultants at Lancet specialize in developing cost-effective yet custom solutions that deliver results quickly. Working together, we take the pain out of BI projects and healthcare reporting – so you can confidently realize the value of your data.

Five Essentials of Healthcare BI

  1. Focus on value by ensuring all projects empower users to make better decisions
  2. Apply an agile methodology to drive tangible value in shorter increments
  3. Don’t skimp on ETL; hire a professional and allow adequate time to do it right
  4. Treat your data right by applying data governance to protect this asset

Involve business users to deliver content in relevant, accessible ways.

Unlock the Value of Your Healthcare Data

You need the ability to… How we can help…
Ensure that the BI program empowers business users Lancet’s methodical approach to BI as a program ensures that every project provides high value to your business users and enables quick, informed decision-making
Deliver value quickly Lancet applies proven agile methods that reduce the time-to-value gap
Integrate all of your data sources Lancet knows the immeasurable value that integrating disparate data sources, such as your EHR and financial systems can bring. Our expertise will ensure that your data environment will be rich with the valuable information you need
Govern and manage your data Leveraging Lancet’s data governance starter kit allows your healthcare organization to quickly create an efficient data governance program
A flexible delivery model you can configure to your needs and budget Lancet’s proven dashboard methodology addresses the aspect of aesthetics and usability within a dashboard that many companies over-look. The result: a dashboard that will ensure great user adoption

Is Lancet Right for Us?

  • Do your business users spend too much time analyzing and interpreting traditional reports?
  • Are you frustrated with low user adoption among medical staff?
  • Do you struggle with integrating your clinical and financial data?
  • Does the upgrade process often disrupt critical business activities?
  • Do you experience issues related to poor data quality?